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Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery from Hard Disk Drive can be divided into Two Categories.

  • Logical Data Recovery
    (Deleted or corrupt files, Formatted disks, Partition problems, ETC)

  • Physical Data Recovery
    (Head crash, Logic card failiure)

In any of the above data loss case you face we can help you to get back data quickly and conveniently. Simply contact one of our Data Recovery technician via phone or via our quote request form, they will evaluate your particular problem and provide you with a simple set of instructions to follow in order to start the recovery process.

Hard drives can fail, its many reasons. Hard drive data recovery service is needed if you hear clicking, clunking, tapping, ticking or scraping noises coming from your drive, or there are no noises at all. Drives can often have read/write head failures causing these sounds and if you hear one shut the system down right away and Contact Us for more information on minimizing the data loss and to determine your options. In the interim, do not attempt to restart or power up the drive again as the heads may touch the platters (this is where the data is stored) and cause damage beyond repair.

You may also have a failed or failing hard drive if you see error codes like:

  • No Operating System Found
  • Hard Disk Drive Not Found
  • Drive Failure Eminent
  • Drive Read Failure
  • Drive Write Failure
  • Bad Track Error
  • Bad Sector Error

We provide hard drive recovery services on all standard desktop hard disk drives, Laptop, and SCSI disk drives. We have 11 years of experience in hard drive repair and data recovery and will get your business back up and running and helps you maintain your business continuity. We understand lost data costs you money. Most physically damaged hard drives can be repaired and data recovered within 1-3 days and most logical recoveries in even less time, these are our "normal" turn around times, however, we do offer expedited services (24-48 hours) for those that need their data back as quickly as possible. We also understand how important security is when dealing with businesses and their sensitive data. This is why, no matter what data is recovered or handled from your drive, we have absolute Non-disclosure so your data gets back to you safely and securely.

In most cases your company's data is not completely lost and can be recovered in whole or in part by our team of trained hard drive recovery technicians. Trust our hard drive recovery technicians to get your company's data back, both quickly and securely! Contact Us now. There is no fee to speak with our technicians and we are always standing by to help businesses find an affordable solution to get their data back.

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