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Professional Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

With the rising dependencies on the internet and computer devices, the volume of data being generated every single day is soaring at a rapid pace. You might be interested to know that 90% of the total data available has been generated in the past two years.

Hard drives have become the most used storage options to store vast data. Be it a computer or a laptop; hard drives are the most commonly found data storage devices. Although they are widely available, they are not that robust and are prone to damages. Thin damage or shock can result in massive data loss. We, at Data Recovery Mumbai, excel in providing data recovery solutions in India. We are amongst the most reputed hard drive data recovery company offering solutions in all types of hard drive issues that is possible.

Count on us for all data loss solutions

Data loss is a serious problem which majorly occurs by hard drive failures and permanent damages. You will be amazed to know that 94% of companies have once experienced severe data loss which they failed to recover. These data losses can result in up to losses between $50,000 to $5 million. Here are some major causes of data losses which can be highly costly to your business.

Hard drive damage

Majority of data losses occur due to hard drive damage or failures. More than 67% of data losses occur due to hard drive damages and system failures. According to a recent research, around 140 thousand hard drives crash every weak. There could be countless numbers of reasons why hard drives crashes resulting in a massive data loss.Data Recovery Mumbai ensures if such failures happen, you don’t have to fight the struggle of recovering data. We help our clients in recovering all the data at affordable prices.

Power outage

Sudden power outages can substantially hamper businesses resulting in a massive data loss and system failures. Undoubtedly, the active processes and current data could be lost, but power outages might end up resulting in permanent data loss and corruption of unsaved data. The best way to protect against such a problem is to take regular backup online so that the data can be restored. Having an inverter or UPS can also help you fight with sudden power outages.

Virus or Malware attack

Almost every business has faced a virus attack which can harm severely harm business functions. A virus or malware can delete all the data or might help hackers to steal data for their own purposes. These viruses can enter the system through various ways resulting in damaging hard drives completely. In some cases, it becomes nearly impossible to recover data through broken hard disks. Data Recovery Mumbai offers professional data recovery solutions to businesses facing a virus or malware attack.

Human errors

We all make mistakes - sometimes big and sometimes small. Sometimes the mistakes could be solved in a couple of minutes, but these errors can also result in severe data loss. Without realizing, people can overwrite the deleted data resulting in permanent data loss. Simple manhandling the hard disks can also damage to a great extent. Formatting hard drives by mistake is also a common scenario people and business generally face. Recovering data in such a situation could be easier comparatively. In such cases, we also assist people on call or chat in helping them with our expert hard drive data recovery services.

We at Data Recovery Mumbai ensure 100% data recovery in most of the situations. The value businesses get by choosing us is not limited to just the data recovery solutions but the trust, credibility, and affordability we offer. Our team of professionals also ensure that your hard disks and data are safe with us and no misuse occurs at any cost.