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Professional Tally Data Recovery Services:

Tally is the most widely used accounting software in India and preferred by businesses at large. In 2016, the company reported that more than 1 million customers use its software. Such a high number means a lot of data is being stored in Tally software each day. Undoubtedly, this data is extremely crucial to companies. More serious the user is more vital data becomes.

The higher the dependency on Tally software, the more it needs to be secure and efficient. However, Tally is just a software, and there can be some scenarios where companies might lose their data. Tally users must have a data recovery service company ready to handle such situations. Data Recovery Mumbai is amongst the most trusted company and well-established provider of Tally Data Recovery Services Mumbai. We ensure 100% data recovery in almost every situation.

Common data loss issues in Tally

Problem 1 - Memory Access Violation

One of the most common problems in Tally where company files become inaccessible is Memory Access Violation with some error code ‘C0000005.’ Here are some steps you can do to recover your files.

Solution - By default, Tally opens a company file. If the file is corrupt, Tally will never open, and the data will never load. You need to edit the file Tally.ini in the Tally directory. Set default companies from ‘yes’ to ‘no

Solution - Many times Tally software has issues with fewer colors and printers. You can try to adjust your screen resolution and color quality to try start Tally software. If this does not happen, uninstall all configured printers and try to reinstall them one by one. After that, check it if Tally is incompatible with any of these printers.

Problem 2 - Data gets corrupted

Working in Tally, when data gets corrupted, generally this message is shown.

- Exiting TALLY!

- File not found

- Attempting to open “C:\Tally\Data\0001”\Tr01234.500

Solution - If you get this error, there might be a chance that the last company file you worked on has been corrupted. Follow the steps mentioned below to start the rewriting process in Tally software.

- Start Tally and go to company selection window.

- Use Ctrl+Alt+R to launch the rewrite process.

- Select the corrupt company profile (maybe the last you have worked on) and press the enter key.

- Press enter to start the process and restart the software.

Problem 3 - System OS crashed

If your system OS has crashed, it could be difficult sometimes to recover your data. Here are some tips which you can try to recover the Tally data.

Solution - First try to start the computer in DOS mode. Copy all Tally data into D: or E: and reinstall windows. If DOS mode is also not working, you can try connecting your hard drive to another working computer. If the disk is working fine with no bad sectors, then you should be able to access your Tally data.

Let us learn the major situations which can result in data loss in Tally software.

Virus and Malware attack

Virus or Malware attack is one of the most common reasons for data loss in Tally software. Such infection can cause modification or deletion of important company files. A strong virus can also completely delete the Tally files and overwrite the drives leading to permanent data loss.

Software error

If you are using Tally from a sufficient time, you might have come across a common software error called Memory Access Violation error which can result in corrupted files and data loss.

Human error

Human makes mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes might result in data loss. Therefore it is advised to take regular backups to avoid such human errors. For the best, users must take separate backups in pen drives or external hard drives.

Power outage

Power outages are amongst the common causes of data loss in most situations. A sudden power outage can corrupt the files currently in use. The data which has not been saved could easily be lost due to power failures.

Broken hard disk

Damage to the hard disk where the Tally software has been installed, or the backup has been taken could result in massive data loss. Also, it could be tricky to recover data from broken hard disks.

Corrupt backup

Most Tally users have this complaint of getting their backup corrupted due to numerous reasons. This is an issue which could be solved easily with some steps which we will discuss later in the article. However, in some cases, the corrupt backup might lead to data loss in Tally software.

Facing any of these issues and still not able to recover your data? Don’t worry. Data Recovery Mumbai is there to help you and recover your data in almost every problem you are facing. We are a team of professionals with 11 years of on-field experience in recovering data from broken hard drives, pen drives and other software like Tally.

With our advanced data recovery tool, users can recover their lost Tally software data without spending a huge amount in buying software and expensive tools. We can recover data from any software version of Tally. Some of the supported versions are:

- Tally ERP 9

- Tally.Developer 9

- Tally.Server 9

- Tally 8.1

- Tally 7.2

- Tally 6.3

- Tally 5.4

- Tally 5

- Tally 4.5

- Tally 4

- Tally 3, etc.

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