How to successfully recover data from Mac hard drive

Recovering lost data can be tricky sometimes – especially on a Mac device. They generally provide less flexibility to their users compared to Windows or Android devices. That is why you need to have proper knowledge or assistance from a professional service person to recover data. The good news is, there are a few methods through which you can recover data from a hard drive.

However, one should always keep in mind that a professional data recovery service is the best solution you can go for if you are facing data loss issues on your Mac device. A small wrong move can damage your Mac hard drive forever and you might not be able to recover your data. Data Recovery Mumbai can be your one-stop solution if you are looking to recover data from Mac hard drive. We are a team of experienced professionals that can guarantee to recover your data at affordable prices. To contact our team and get free consultation for your data loss problem, check out our contact details at the end of the article.

How to recover data from Mac hard drives

If your Mac hard drive has been damaged or corrupted, there are higher chances that your valuable data inside it has been lost or inaccessible. Now, what would you do to recover your data and fix your hard drive on a Mac? Depending on the seriousness of the issue, there can be a few basic methods you can try out before reaching a professional data recovery service.

Method 1 – Recover data with Time Machine

It is normal practice to back up all your data for such situations. If you follow the rule, this can be the easiest solution you can get to recover your lost data. The macOS offers a free built-in backup and recovery tool called ‘Time Machine’. It helps you browse files from the past, including the latest and deleted versions from your backup. To recover your lost data through Time Machine:

  1. Open the application where the lost file was stored. This could be a PDF file stored in the ‘Documents’ folder.
  2. Open the folder and click on the Time Machine icon in the top menu bar and select ‘Enter Time Machine’.
  3. Your screen will show the folder with a timeline on the right edge.
  4. You can use the arrow keys on your screen to search for the version of your lost file.
  5. When you find the required version of the file you were looking for, click on it and press the ‘Space’ key to preview.
  6. Click on the ‘Restore’ button on your screen.
  7. Enter your system password to recover your lost file.

Method 2 – Use the Mac Disk Utility tool

There might be situations where your data becomes inaccessible due to the hard drive is not working properly. In this case, Mac offers a unique feature called ‘Disk Utility’ which lets you repair the failing, corrupted, damaged, or crashed hard drive or external storage devices on Mac. To fix hard drive on Mac with Disk Utility:

  1. Click on ‘Go’ in the top menu bar and select ‘Utilities’.
  2. Select the ‘Disk Utility’ option from the ‘Utilities’ window.
  3. Select the failed or damaged hard drive you want to repair.
  4. Click on the ‘Repair Disk’ button to start the repairing process. If ‘Repair Disk’ is unavailable, you may first need to ‘Verify Disk’ in order to start the repairing process.
  5. Your damaged or failing hard drives will be recovered successfully.

Method 3 – Call a professional data recovery service

Physical damages or serious issues make it impossible for your device to read or recognize the hard drive. In such cases, the best care you can offer to your device is to reach a professional data recovery service like Data Recovery Mumbai.

  1. Call Data Recovery Mumbai at +91 9321287758 and talk to one of our customer representatives to discuss your data loss issue.
  2. Our representative will guide you through the process and provide the quotation to recover data from Mac hard drive.
  3. If you agree, you will send the device to our location, where our experienced technicians will work to recover your data in a secure environment.
  4. Once the recovery process is completed, we will send back your original device and an external device with all your recovered data.
  5. We ensure that we only charge our customers in case of a successful recovery of data. There is no payment to make if we are unable to recover your data.

One thing to always keep in mind that data recovery from Mac hard drive can be extremely difficult if you not an expert. It is highly recommended to reach a data recovery company to ensure you don’t damage the hard drive in any way. If you are facing a data loss problem in your Mac device, we can help you solve your problem. We have more than 12 years of experience in providing data recovery services. Call us on +91 9321287758 today for a free consultation!

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