Recover Data Encrypted By Ryuk Ransomware

How To Recovery Data Encrypted By Ryuk Ransomware? Lets Find Out!

Ryuk ransomware you might have heard this same if you are a technical person. This is a ransomware which first appeared in 2018. The aim of this ransomware at that time was to attack businesses and large enterprises across the globe. According to Researchers at Crowdstrike have estimated that Ryuk Ransomware has extorted more than 705 Bitcoins worth over $3.7 million as of today from its beginning. In the first two months, the Ryuk Ransomware extorted over $640,000 in ransom.

What is ransomware? And What is Ryuk Ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that employs encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. Now, you know what a ransomware is. Then you must be thinking what does Ryuk mean. This word has come from a Japanese anime name Death Note. This ransomware aims to attack at a particular target especially encrypts critical assets. One of best advantages of this ransomware as a hacker is that it is really hard to track when Ryuk ransomware attacks happen.

Just like this ransomware, a character in Death Note anime, Ryuk shares its DNA with Hermes—another infamous ransomware that attacked the Far Eastern International bank (FEIB) in Taiwan and stole a hefty $60 million that was later retrieved. Thus, the ransomware named Ryuk.

How does it spread? What are the consequences?

In several cases, a bot was used to spread this ransomware. One of such cases is of A banking Trojan where TrickBot was used to systematically spread the Ryuk ransomware. This is the same Trojan which was used earlier to spread the very famous or infamous WannaCry, another dangerous ransomware.

Moreover, just like other ransomware, one of primary sources of Ryuk ransomware spread is through emails and attachments, along with it downloads from untrusted and insecure web sources is a source, and we can’t forget phishing. The attack can also be carried out through an insecure remote desktop connection.

When Ryuk enters a network, it starts spreading into the systems which are connected to the network and takes no time in encrypting the files. I have mentioned some ways or points by which Ryuk Ransomware encrypts the data on a targeted network, which can be a PC or system:

  • It performs file encryption using RSA-2048 and AES-256.
  • It stores encryption keys in the executable by using Microsoft SIMPLEBLOB format.
  • It encrypts the system or network along with mounted devices and remote hosts.
  • It uses a file marker which helps it to mark or check if a file has been encrypted successfully.

The impacts of a ransomware attack to you could be the following:

  • temporary, and possibly permanent, loss of your private data
  • possibly a complete shutdown of your desktop operations
  • financial loss as a result of revenue generating operations being shut down
  • financial loss associated with efforts for remedy
  • damaged to your social reputation

Let’s check how you can recover the data lost!

There are some companies which works in providing data recover services. One such marvel is HRC data recovery services. The company has specialization in data recovery from several ransomware attacks.

They use six steps process to get the work done:

  • Genuine user problem
  • Device pickup
  • Analyze the issue
  • Customer approval
  • Data recovery process
  • Handing over the device back

The company has amazing feedbacks and it promises to keep the details private as they are great advocate of privacy. So, just take the hand of expert and forget about the worry.

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